Prof. Gaetano Zilio Grandi| Studio Legale Menichetti


Graduated from the University of Bologna in 1989

After graduating, in 1991, he was admitted to the Doctoral Program in "Law on Labor and Industrial Relations" at the University of Bologna

Extraordinary Professor of Labor Law at the Management Department of Cà Foscari University of Venezia and enrolled at the Vicenza Attorney's Office in the special list of full-time university professors

He has authored numerous monographs, volumes, articles, essays, commentaries and interventions, and collaborates on a continuous basis with leading legal journals

He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the magazine "Review of jurisprudence of labor law of the Veneto" and of the monthly magazine Work and Security Today"; is referee of the magazine “Labor in the Law”

Member of the "Interdepartmental Center for Research and Services on the Rights of the Person and the People" of the University of Padova and the Board of Directors of the "Inter-university Research Center on Public and Social Policies - Center for Policy Studies (CPS)" the Department of Economics at Cà Foscari

Foreign languages: french, english

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